A Little help

So I really don’t know what I am going to do next. On one side I’m terrified, with the whole wife, 1.9 kids, mortage deal. On the other I haven’t felt this excited and inspired in over a decade. But right now I have a smallish window prior to the birth of Kid 2.0 to take a step back, think and find some new collaborators. I would like to invite anyone and everyone, friends, family, clients, cohorts to help me work it all out. Basically I intend to crowd source my future.

So – ways you can help:

1. Check out the Blog (www.jonbains.com) and please don’t slag off my shoddy word press skills – i’ve only had a couple of days to pull this together.

2. Most of the posts are some of the options I’ve come up with so far, some of them commercial, some more creative, some geographic and some probably  just plain stupid. At the moment they are just big broad brush strokes but over the coming weeks – with your input – I’ll start fleshing them all out – what I’d like is yes / no / maybe’s additional pro’s & con’s, other ways to look at things. If your interested in ‘playing’ with me in trying to build ‘summat’ please let me know.

3. I’m also totally up for meeting up to discuss “stuff” i.e thoughts, projects, avatar, w’ever –  although I’m fairly limited at the moment to day-time hours due to family and all that. My brand new google calendar is here

3. I’d also really appreciate any recommendations you feel like putting on my linked in profile. (http://www.linkedin.com/in/jonbains), follow me on twitter (jonbains) as I’m probably going to decouple twitter from facebook updates soon, and feel free to harass me on aim (contact me for details)

All comments welcome! I have only one tiny request – please don’t ask questions about my exit from Tangent – I legally simply can’t answer them –  suffice to say that I was made redundant.

  1. Congratulations! I went through very similar feelings, including the whole terror/elation thing, when I left Hard Reality/Leo Burnett 8 years ago. I’m a strong believer in moving on when the time is right, new pastures, new experiences, new connections. I’m sure you will shine in whatever you choose to do, enjoy the future!

    • I intend to, “the Future is Bright?”

      D’oh err, no – “the Future is Now?”

      umm ah yeah “The Future is here?”

      narr too naff

      how about

      “the future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves”

      (dundun dun dundun dundun dun dundun)

      – that’s better 😉


  2. hi jon, just came across the fact you have left lateral. to one who was in there first [i remember], you have the chance to be first again… or last, which could also work as you have the knowledge, skills and experience to make a difference. either way you are well placed. and rather than having not enough options – dare i say you have too many. nice place to be in perhaps. best place to start to with is yourself – something you probably haven’t considered for many years [having run a business for 14 years myself i can imagine].

    whichever way you turn make sure its with the same passion you have always had – no compromises and you will go further than you could before.

    i want to wish you good luck but i don’t think that’s what you need. have a good time with yourself and i look forward to what’s next. take care along the way, enjoy the journey and feel the rush again. cheers…shane

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