About me

Father of two extraordinary little humans – Jake & Juliette, married to Jane.

Partner in digital consultancy Atmosphere

Founder of Convulsion, Obsolete.com, Lateral.net, Lshift & The Cluster

Day Job – Founding a new collectivey kind of thang, transmedia (oh such wonderful BS) planning and strategy, corporate shoulder to cry on.

Obsesses about – The (lack of) Future for Copyright, pragmatic marketing and analog to digital conversion


    • Fred
    • February 24th, 2010

    Hey Jon! Long time no beer! How are you? Thanks for the party invite, but I cannot make it. I wish I could join you guys, I really^∞ miss you and would love to get drunk and talk about old & new times. Make sure you have a cider for me! 😀 cheers

  1. On my last day at Lateral (was initially employed, then as a freelancer), we had a long chat about setting up and running your own gig. Took some very good advice back then and gave me a great confidence boost.

    That was 2003/2004. What I started then (originally Indigo, then changed name to Base Creative) is what I do now.

    Shame you’re not at Lateral. Do you still keep in contact with the Lateralites? (Sue, Matthew, Loz)

    cheers – iain.

  2. I know it was a long time ago but i was wondering if you can help me. I am currently studying music in Essex and wanted to quote the uncredited Skinny Puppy interview from convulsion 4. Don’t suppose you know who the original author was?‏

    • That would be me – April 1991? feel free to use abuse however you like!

      • heh – well then you should have credited yourself at the time!

        Thank you very much for the quick feedback and permissions + a quality document of the good old days of indie rock and industrial music.

        • Amusing times (also a very amusing day from what I can remember 😉

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