Switch industry – Games

Switch industry – games
  • pro – I know pretty much all aspects of the business already – varied experience might open doors
  • pro – love games
  • con – love games might get disillusioned
  • con – dunno which bit to go into, must ponder this

Switch industry – Film

Switch industry  – film
  • pro – always wanted to be in film – take the time and learn to produce ( or even write or direct )
  • pro – lots of friends already there to point in the right direction
  • pro –  there is definitely an opportunity to mash up my existing experience and passion for digital with the traditions of narrative
  • con – one of the hardest industries to get into and be successful in
  • con – could spend a lot of time not getting anywhere

Start a dot com / create product

Start a dot com / create a product
  • pro – working on something longer term and product based appeals – no clients
  • pro – having helped develop quite a few over the years I know what to do
  • pro – got potential access to funding
  • pro – could do it for a few years and then flog it – well that’s the theory anyway
  • Con – it’s an awful lot of work from planning to funding – not sure I’ve got the energy to do that and enjoy my kids
  • con – am a little bit A.D.D – might get bored working on one thing
  • con – err… what’s the big idea exactly? Got a few but they all need fleshing out
  • con – whilst there ain’t necessarily clients there would no doubt be investors – dunno which is “worse” in terms of interference err input but I suspect the latter ( I do of course love all clients and potential investors 😉

Start a new digital marketing agency

Start a new digital marketing agency i.e. Lateral 2.0
  • pro – well at least I know the pitfalls
  • pro – lots of great talent around due to the reccession
  • pro – many clients taking it all much more seriously ( finally )
  • pro – great opportunities to mash up the 1.0 world with the 2.0 and mobile world
  • pro – there is still great work to be done
  • con – the industry is rapidly becoming  commoditised and fragmented
  • con – extremely hard to define a broad enough proposition to cut through an already crowded market
  • con – pr, direct and ad worlds are ‘properly’ going for it now – even harder to get through to the clients
  • con – the practical concerns IE finding an office ,finding clients, finding staff, finding the cash to start it IE  helluva lotta work
  • con – do I *really* want to do it all again ? Starting from scratch ?


Find some non-exec positions and help the next generation
  • pro – good for the soul,  like helping folk
  • pro – lots of folk out there I suspect could use the help
  • pro – a good way to feel part of something again
  • pro – would be able to work around the kids
  • con -hard to find paying one
  • con – could be frustrating if the directors don’t follow your advice
  • con – not stable
  • con – potentially annoying if you do all the work and somebody gets the reward



  • pro – enjoy it / short sharp projects
  • pro – I think I’m pretty good at it when given the opportunity.
  • pro – keeps you on your toes / sharp
  • pro – can work from home but still get  to go out to avoid going stir crazy
  • pro – pays well
  • pro – could do it from anywhere
  • pro – would provide a useful stop gap at least
  • con – hard to find work in a recession
  • con – would rely on the kindess of my network as I wouldn’t no where to start in terms of new business
  • con – not stable income

Change Location

Change Location – been in London for a while – perhaps it’s time to move

  • pro – new start
  • pro – can work from anywhere really
  • pro – a change is as good as a rest and all that
  • con – have to build up network again from scratch
  • con – London is pretty hard to beat work wise
  • con -might end up having to travel alot which would be fun for me and suck for Jane
  • pro –  close to family
  • pro – good place to raise kids
  • pro – nice folk
  • pro – could probably find a job or start something
  • pro – could still come down for meetings
  • con – might feel retrograde
  • con – cold
  • con – opportunity to network is limited.
  • con – cold
  • con – would miss my friends
San Francisco
  • pro – already got the passport
  • pro – still lots of interesting stuff going on and suspect I could find a job
  • pro – weather
  • pro – nice place for the kids
  • con – very far away from family
  • con – I’m afraid of americans
  • con – people say ‘have a nice day’
  • con – would need to build a network although I don’t think that would be too hard