Love studio Film – hate Indie

So amongst various other things I’m helping launch a new Indie feature.

It’s called Riot on Redchurch Street and is pretty much the first full on Shoreditch flick.

Made on a shoestring but with some great talent involved including Alysson Paradis the director Trevor Miller is very open to new models.

So I pitch him a combo of legal streaming and ‘alternative’ avenues to get it out above and beyond the usual – that combined simultaneously with event based screening a-la Red State, a pay whatcha like HD download and of course merch. It’s all about bands so that’s a no brainer.

So much so dull. When I contacted Lovefilm got a short answer from mate of ‘we don’t do single picture deals as its too much effort’

Going to be talking to Netflix next week but expecting the same result

You can imagine both my question and the story – how *are* Indie film makers supposed to get out there if the ones who are significant actors in the future won’t have the conversation?

I absolutely appreciate the issue of granularity on a commodity business but at the same time slightly aghast.

If indy film makers in the UK are basically excluded by virtue of not being in the studio universe what hope is there for the industry.

Obviously will be putting it to Vodo et al and direct on the pirate bay with integrated branded content but really is it that boolean? Play nice or not at all?

Guess the big question is: don’t the ‘new’ services have a responsibility to help promote the ‘new’ content creators who choose to exist outside the system?

Reckon there is something in this. Whatcha reckon?

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