Utterly Unwatchable?

Not so much!

Yep – it’s almost there – not just the film, but the accompanying campaign.

Definitely the most intense bit of work I’ve ever been involved with – ‘highlights’ include

How do you deal with Advanced NGOitis? (don’t ask)

Is it ok to put an amazing woman from the Congo who was the inspiration for the film front and centre and risk her being raped or worse again?

What do you ask the public to do knowing that ultimately there is no ‘silver bullet’ which sorts the situation?

How do you reduce the experience down to the essential without making it – well – fluffy?

We are sooo close to getting it right, and unlike many of the commercial projects I’ve worked on prior – this is *entirely* about getting it right. Even if it has meant taking a bit longer to get there.

I am under no illusion that our campaign is going to sort out all of the problems in the Congo – it’s a big place with problems going back hundreds of years.

However I am feeling much more confident that it will motivate many to help iteratively sort bits of it, at least the bits that we are complicit in anyway.

Only last week I got to see the film, now graded with a proper mix of David Arnold’s soundtrack. Made me cry – again.

@Foolscap and I spent two days last reducing the interactions and clutter to the absolute minimum whilst still maintaining the necessity for a soft shoulder and from initial feedback we seem to have done a good job. More on that in the next week or so.

As for a release date – our most recent aim was end of march – given a few things going on – for the good – I’m guessing mid april.

Anyway – that’s the update more soon.

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