Switch industry : music

Switch industry : music
“great that you are unemployed – now you can start a record label” – cliff
  • pro – would be amusing
  • pro – know a fair bit about it
  • con – probably know too much about it to be honest
  • con – don’t believe in labels – should be all DIY these days
  • con – might be limited in scope
  • con – OMG would have to find bands 😉
  1. Music? Are you mad :-P.

  2. I think you’d be crazy to consider this option, unless you’re loaded and a huge music fan. One of those alone isn’t enough. Most of the money in the indie segment of the industry now seems to come from luck (i.e. a band abruptly breaking into the mainstream) or live touring (which is fine if you source a bunch of relatively ‘traditional’ bands, but that means ignoring a lot of more innovative non-touring stuff).

    • holytornado
    • February 4th, 2010

    Will take all of the last 5 in one go. Switch industry.
    Music: all money is in touring and live gigs.
    Film: Love film myself. My dream job has always been to produce films. But I think I am the unluckiest being alive when I try anything remotely close to film.
    Games: Been toying with an idea for an augmented reality mobile game. Can share over a beer if you like.

    The rest….
    The big problem with anything entertainment is that it would need a completely new business model. One would need to crack the main problem: where’s the money going to come from when it’s all free? If you can crack that, then you could combine a number of your ideas (book, consult, new business, new product switch ent. etc, all into a single solution). I have a great music friend (www.stevebrown.info) who has a strong idea about a music education foundation and create music that changes the world by teaching young people about sustainable living… through music of course. Kind of making music grow up a bit I guess. The problem is, we can’t crack the money problem.

    Maybe we should create a master-mind brainstorm session with a bunch of people to crack this very serious nut (money is a world of free content). If anything would be a great PR kick. I can think of a few people to bring along to the party.

  3. Music’s gotta be for the love really.

    When I saw your facebook message over email, the first thing I thought was that you should start a band (as opposed to a label).

    Or something that enables people to crowd fund their music – there are a few of these around, but it does have a solid business model attached. I have some thoughts around this, if u wanna chat / steal them, I mean crowd-something…



    • Shaun
    • February 4th, 2010

    Hmmm… don;t think so. Also, you can’t sing.

  4. was cliff who suggested a label, personally I do actually think the broader music space still quite a lot to offer but I suspect it’s more focused on the broader artist services side of the business than the creative. Anyway, going to spend some time chatting to folk anyway as is my want 😉

  5. Finding someone in a band shouldn’t be too hard… 😉

    To be honest it seem that these days, if you honestly love music, then you’re better of not getting involved on a commercial level. Bitter much?

  6. If you don’t believe in labels does that mean that I don’t exist? 🙂

  7. Well, there’s a growing gap in the (music) market for people who can help the musicians and the labels figure out how to use digital media to launch, promote, distribute, and license their music. You’d think that they would know this by now, but they don’t.

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