Switch industry – Games

Switch industry – games
  • pro – I know pretty much all aspects of the business already – varied experience might open doors
  • pro – love games
  • con – love games might get disillusioned
  • con – dunno which bit to go into, must ponder this
    • Kay
    • February 4th, 2010

    Do you know Adam Fowler? Lives in Edinburgh works for Rockstar doing GTA games etc. Can put you in touch if you want to pick his brains.

    • Saz
    • February 4th, 2010

    Maybe mix up some of the streams – get into digital advertising in games perhaps – this is new/developing and might work with your visionary skills to carve something new.

  1. Would you like an intro to Simon Oliver — guy behind Rolando (if you don’t already know him)

    He’s really pushing the boundaries of cottage-industry game development — and making money. So the iPhone’s one way.

    The other is to take a look at things that Zynga is doing.

    Don’t think there’s a lot of room for anyone in the console market… could be wrong.

    • Lomex
    • February 9th, 2010

    Games are interesting, but can require a large outlay. Possibly the biggest success story is Popcap and their ‘casual games’. They sell a lot more than you’d think and take almost next to nothing to produce, it’s a good ‘in’ on the industry.

    Another way ‘in’: You can make a game based on a game (with permission of course) e.g. Web Wars: EVE by John Galt Games.
    The guy did spend a couple of years previously making social gaming ‘casual’ games in Korea, and previous to that he ran one of the biggest EVE corps – so he knew his subject matter.

    Web MMO’s seem to be a big thing, difficult to really see the monetization – you’ve got the whole micro payment lark and I guess these games can be big in Asia. I did have an idea around this many years ago I’d be happy talking to you about.

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