Start a dot com / create product

Start a dot com / create a product
  • pro – working on something longer term and product based appeals – no clients
  • pro – having helped develop quite a few over the years I know what to do
  • pro – got potential access to funding
  • pro – could do it for a few years and then flog it – well that’s the theory anyway
  • Con – it’s an awful lot of work from planning to funding – not sure I’ve got the energy to do that and enjoy my kids
  • con – am a little bit A.D.D – might get bored working on one thing
  • con – err… what’s the big idea exactly? Got a few but they all need fleshing out
  • con – whilst there ain’t necessarily clients there would no doubt be investors – dunno which is “worse” in terms of interference err input but I suspect the latter ( I do of course love all clients and potential investors 😉
  1. Way to go. And I think a lot of the stuff these days can be prototyped rather than planned. Look at things like Twitterfeed — funded by Betaworks.

  2. This is the one – but you might need to have another gig that pays the bills meantime.

    The only question is ‘what?’ That might take a bit more thought.

  3. Jon,

    Putting the obligations of modern life to one side, I can’t help but feel this is the option. The Digital agency world is now an atheist pursuit – with pioneering, courageous fools like you and I, long usurped by smart-talking ‘representatives’ with an art to know what to say and when to say it.

    I am cooking up a digital publishing business pursuit at the moment and would be keen to hear your critique/get you involved.

    Fancy getting together soon for a chat?



    • Helene Venge
    • February 20th, 2010

    Hmmm, Mike & co might have a point. Maybe this is the way to go… Combine your interest in digital, media, content, tech, and brand – not sure what that spells but you probably figure it out. You should still write a regular column in influential publication etc to get/sustain visibility, a bit of money etc until the biz takes off.

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