Find some non-exec positions and help the next generation
  • pro – good for the soul,  like helping folk
  • pro – lots of folk out there I suspect could use the help
  • pro – a good way to feel part of something again
  • pro – would be able to work around the kids
  • con -hard to find paying one
  • con – could be frustrating if the directors don’t follow your advice
  • con – not stable
  • con – potentially annoying if you do all the work and somebody gets the reward
  1. Have you considered becoming a Lecturer? That’s my plan. But you can have a go too. Get back to the passion of design where it’s most pure. Help mould some minds… actually, maybe you shouldn’t.

    • Helene Venge
    • February 20th, 2010

    Agree w. Paul. Plus both lecturing and non-execs look great on CV = will lead to other stuff.

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