• pro – enjoy it / short sharp projects
  • pro – I think I’m pretty good at it when given the opportunity.
  • pro – keeps you on your toes / sharp
  • pro – can work from home but still get  to go out to avoid going stir crazy
  • pro – pays well
  • pro – could do it from anywhere
  • pro – would provide a useful stop gap at least
  • con – hard to find work in a recession
  • con – would rely on the kindess of my network as I wouldn’t no where to start in terms of new business
  • con – not stable income
    • holytornado
    • February 4th, 2010

    Agree. Where I am at now i guess. Only to find out that Cambridge is swamped with consultants! Most are old school thankfully but tough competition.

    • Helene Venge
    • February 20th, 2010

    You’re good at the consulting bit, Jon, and you’re ahead of most of the others out there. Do stuff through your network. Hook up as preferred partner with select non-digital agencies (ad, media…) who need to bridge the analog/digital gap but won’t/can’t hire a FTE digital guru. Combine it with the aforementioned column. Might work.

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